Why Work With Us

Our Client-Centric Culture

The foundation of any solid partnership lies in the formation of mutual trust. At Pinnacle Advisor Group, we recognize we must earn our place in your inner circle, thus the first investment we make is in learning about you and your family. The insights we gain from getting to know you on a personal level cement our relationship and allow us to empathize with your most pressing challenges and most meaningful goals. In this way, your interests become our own, shaping a financial plan that makes every effort to bring your dreams within reach. 

Our Commitment to Education

Over the years, our emphasis on education has become the cornerstone of our practice. Both in the classroom where we teach a two-part, six-hour course on retirement planning and in the office as an ongoing component of our client meetings, we make it a point to foster informed decisions by creating an environment where you feel comfortable asking questions. Your understanding of our recommendations then facilitates an important link between the choices you make now and the implications they may have later in life.

Our “Think Like A CEO” Approach

Regardless of your net worth, managing your wealth is equivalent to managing the assets of a small company. Like the best business leaders, you need to surround yourself with a competent team in order to achieve your financial objectives. That’s why we encourage you to think like a CEO, viewing your retirement plan as a business plan and treating Pinnacle Advisor Group as part of your team. Our process is intended to empower you to take ownership of this role and subsequently use your customized plan to direct the way in which you preserve, protect, and grow your prosperity.