Roberts Ramble

Robert's Ramble

A personal message from our Founder & CEO...

Let me first put some context around this thing I am calling a Roberts Ramble. Those who know me, personally and professionally, know that I can “ramble on” about stuff. I’ve been fortunate to have had many experiences in my lifetime, most good, some not so good. Some folks have referred to my rambles as “life coaching”. The learning and perspective that comes from “being in the game” for six decades moves me to have opinions and views on life that prompt me to weigh in at times, hence my rambles. In the work that we do at Pinnacle Advisor Group, coaching folks through life experiences is part of our holistic process, and it seems to be valued, so I decided to create this Roberts Rambles series , as a way of sharing thoughts that resonate with me in a meaningful way.

Here we go…

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