Our Process 

At its heart, holistic planning is centered on two main beliefs. First, to truly make a positive impact you must build a lasting connection that encompasses the whole of a person’s life. Second, the relationships you nurture with clients are key to unlocking their goals.

Pinnacle Advisor Group’s five-step process was developed and refined in response to these principles of compassionate, trustworthy service. The approach we take is meant to bring highly-personalized, highly-qualified attention to you and your family. In all that we do, we endeavor to enhance and enrich your financial landscape with a firm focus on a fulfilling future.

◈ Discover

During our initial meeting, we look to establish a basic understanding of who you are and what drives your financial decision-making. This complimentary consultation also functions as an opportunity to gather the information needed to properly gauge your current investment strategy and analyze the information needed to run a preliminary retirement plan.

◈ Analyze

Following the discovery phase, our team begins an in-depth evaluation of your assets and investments relative to your goals and risk profile. It is at this point that a retirement plan is run to ascertain if you are on track on working towards achieving your objectives and to outline what your optimal investment and income strategies may be. When our analysis is complete, we invite you back to our office to share our detailed findings, taking special care to educate you on the nuances of our conclusions and the influence these may have on your retirement picture.

◈ Recommend

As we move into the third stage, we sit down with you to discuss what’s working and to examine the areas where improvement or change is necessary in your portfolio. Our recommendations include researched strategies and solutions that have been tailored to correspond with your vision and your ideal retirement. Together, we assess your options, determine the scope of our work on your behalf, ensure your understanding of our suggestions, and finalize next steps moving forward.

◈ Implement

Once we’ve chosen a course of action, we initiate the seamless transition your accounts. It is in this part of the process that you get to see your proposed plan come to fruition. With everything in place, the members of our staff will then set expectations for follow-up, communication, and frequency of meetings.

◈ Review

As time goes on, we know your goals and circumstances will evolve. Thus, we’ll revisit your retirement plan on an annual basis to make certain we’re working towards the specific aims defined within your plan. Our team also meets to review your portfolio reports periodically throughout the year. If there is ever a need to update your plan mid-year due to a change in your situation, we welcome that conversation.