Imagine your financial situation as an intricate puzzle. Ideally, the decisions you’ve made throughout your lifetime fit together to form a complete picture – a secure future. In reality, however, you may struggle to arrange the pieces you’ve collected or to identify the pieces you’re missing, stalling your progress and leaving you frustrated for lack of results.

As an independent holistic wealth planning firm, Pinnacle Advisor Group partners with you to solve this puzzle one section at a time. Using the framework you’ve already assembled, we aim to improve your current financial status and fill in any existing holes with planning-based strategies and solutions that accurately reflect your wants and wishes. The following services then become instrumental in constructing a personalized plan for you and your family’s greatest goals.

◈ Retirement Planning

Developing a map for your retirement is essential when determining the actions you’ll take within your portfolio. For that reason, each and every one of our clients is run through a series of retirement scenarios, concluding in a comprehensive plan that accounts for risk tolerance, time horizon, social security options, tax considerations, income streams, inflation, longevity, legacy planning, and more.

◈ Asset Management/Investment Advice

After finalizing our retirement plan process, our next step is to devise an investment strategy that simultaneously addresses your needs and acknowledges your specific circumstances. This strategy is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

◈ Company-Sponsored Retirement Plan Design and Management

Effective company-sponsored retirement plans balance the needs of business owners and their employees. In addition to building 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and profit sharing plans that present both groups with systematic and tax-efficient savings vehicles, our skilled staff educates your participants on investments, risk factors, dollar-cost averaging, compound growth, and planning which ultimately works towards retirement readiness.

◈ Insurance Products

Protecting yourself from the devastating consequences of unanticipated events is vital to maintaining your financial health. We’ll evaluate your policies and, if necessary, help you institute new coverage to manage various risks, particularly in the areas of life insurance and long-term care. When appropriate, we bring in external resources and provide guidance with healthcare insurance.

◈ Educational Planning

The rising costs of academia make planning for your child or grandchild’s educational expenses a high priority. Based on our advanced projections, we can recommend short-term to intermediate-term investments which may relieve or aim to reduce the burden caused by student loans.

◈ Life Coaching

Part of the unexpected value of our holistic approach is the advice we can offer outside the world of financial planning. The genuine conversations we have with you will cover all aspects of your life, making it easy for us to be mentors in periods of difficulty or times of transition.