Our Mission

For thousands of years, the lighthouse has been a symbol of hope for those who seek the comfort of safe shores. When our founder, Tom Roberts, made the decision to establish a planning-based advisory firm, he set out to emulate the strength and security made possible by a simple guiding light. This calling to help others successfully navigate their course inspired the creation of Pinnacle Advisor Group in 2006.

Today, our team of knowledgeable, caring professionals is united in our mission to provide steadfast support to individuals and families who are working towards a greater quality of life. Through open communication, ongoing education, and holistic planning, we strive to demystify what many perceive to be complex financial concepts and define a path to short-term and long-term goals. Our collective values are ultimately rooted in our desire to be a beacon in times of uncertainty and a source of confidence in times of change.

As you envision your future, it’s important to us that what you foresee is aligned with your financial picture. We are eager to share in your excitement for what’s to come by crafting a plan that enables thoughtful preparation for tomorrow. Together, let’s begin a new journey to purposeful wealth.