Our Clients

For many of our clients, their paradigm of retirement has been that of a finish line, the end of their working years. The strides they take with each day are fueled by the anticipation of this singular destination. Yet, with up to a third of a life spent in retirement, Pinnacle Advisor Group prefers to think of your second act as the starting line to a brand new chapter. Let us help you recognize and manage what you are retiring to rather than from.


While the years leading up to retirement should be filled with enthusiasm, we often meet clients who are uneasy about their exit from the workforce. In the absence of clarity, they are left with burning questions about when to retire, how to maintain their lifestyle, and what income streams will exist once steady paychecks cease. You, too, may be facing similar reservations regarding to your own nest egg. Whether you are 5, 10, or 20 years from the end of your career, our team prioritizes your retirement planning, supplying answers that offer peace of mind in the wake of worries about timelines, healthcare, social security, tax efficiency, investment strategies, and legacy planning.


Once in the midst of their golden years, our retired clients find freedom in exploring their hobbies, traveling to exciting locations, and spending quality time with family and friends. In order to help them live their retirement by their own design, we continually reevaluate their plan and their corresponding portfolio. Like these clients, our experts can assist you with the practical aspects of retirement, directly addressing your concerns about outliving your money. We hope that in our capable hands you’ll feel confident about your financial wellbeing and your ability to pursue the items left on your bucket-list.

Business Owners

From establishing and carrying out company objectives to cultivating a loyal customer base, business ownership comes with a long list of responsibilities. The one thing our entrepreneur clients consistently rank among their top priorities, however, is the desire to provide their hardworking staff a road to retirement. Pinnacle Advisor Group is proud to develop realistic solutions that satisfy the needs of your senior management team and non-executive employees alike. Furthermore, we deliver ongoing support and instruction to ensure you stay abreast of your options and can communicate those to the dedicated people who work for and with you.

Additionally, we utilize Standard of (k)are™ technology, a custom retirement plan CRM platform.  As a sponsor, this software solution allows you to control and monitor the fiduciary and compliance requirements under the law while also growing contribution rates.

Employees of our Business Owners

Surprised by the number of Americans who fail to truly understand or take advantage of their company-sponsored retirement plan, our team is motivated to educate and support the employees of our business owner clients. After working with trustees within the company to conceive the appropriate retirement plan, we present the available investment opportunities in one-on-one and group settings. If you are among this group of participants, you can expect simple, logical dialogue that increases your knowledge of the power of systematic investing and compound growth, the parameters of risk relative to your goals and timelines, and the value of retirement readiness.