Pinnacle Advisor Group


Pinnacle Advisor Group is a full-service independent financial consulting firm based in eastern Pennsylvania. We provide financial advice and asset management services through LPL Financial as well as insurance products for individuals, families, business-owners and their employees.

Our Mission

We are in business to assist our clients in the accumulation, preservation and distribution of their assets and we are passionate about providing realistic solutions that are suitable to their needs, goals and dreams.

Our Values

We take pride in maintaining high ethical standards; serving as diligent stewards of our clients' assets and goals; understanding objectives and concerns from the client's point of view; providing investment advice and strategies that are suitable to our clients' risk tolerance and goals; assisting clients in making educated decisions; managing risk as well as return; communicating effectively; delivering quality service; remaining professional; being objective; and placing a premium on the longstanding relationships we share with our clients.

Our Clients

The clients that we serve are goal-oriented and willing to make educated decisions. They have a desire to be financially independent and live off the income from their assets in retirement. Our clients are individuals preparing for retirement; families with estate planning needs; retirees; as well as business owners and their employees. Our clients have needs as it relates to financial planning; capital accumulation, preservation and distribution; financial education; insurance; company retirement plans; and business succession planning.

Our Process

Our client service process is goal-oriented and integrity-based. As trusted advisors, we take an empathetic approach to understanding our clients' broader life goals and challenges in order to provide guidance designed to help them achieve their financial objectives. Applying our core values and gaining a personal perspective of what is truly important in the lives of our clients provides the foundation for our service.